The Best Yoga Events in London

It’s national yoga month and London is fully embracing the celebration in so many ways and I’m absolutely loving it.

Working in social media, I spend a LOT of time on Instagram and to be honest, this is where I find out about most of these events. Whether that’s by following teachers in the city or fitness brands, there is no shortage of enthusiasm to let you know what’s on and encouragement to get you to be part of these incredible yoga experiences.

Over the course of September, I managed to get to a mix of free and paid for events, one of which I actually won a pair of tickets – how cool is that?!

As a result, I’ve decided to post regular roundups of the best yoga events and experiences in the city based on personal experiences from my own adventures and my fellow yogis in the city.

So. without further ado, here’s the lowdown…

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Yoga in the City

I’m on a mission to share the best of the best yoga classes and experiences around the city of London. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or an accomplished instructor, my aim is give you options to try and explore for yourselves.

Yoga in the city – October will be coming very soon…

If you’re hosting a yoga event, workshop or class you’d like me to feature, review or share with my readers, please do get in touch via email or Instagram.