Project 35 | Day 7

Yesterday was a good day. Busy but good.

I was excited to be back in the office with people to talk to and things to do. Projects were in full flow and there was a positive vibe among the team.

Managed to get through the entire day with just a few little coughs and without needing a nap too! (Anyone would think I was 35 months not 35 years saying something like that I know!)

In the afternoon Sam and I went along to BarreToned in Notting Hill for a blogger event with Helly Hansen in which we were presented with their new 2015 Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter activewear collections and invited to try out a Barre class.

I’m more a fan of the A/W range with lots of purples and pinks and blues and what they called NorViz tech fabric. NorViz looks like normal activewear but reflects at night with funky patterns so that you can be seen and look stylish rather they be all ‘Hey look at me I’m running at night and wearing High Vis stuff yo!’. More on that over on Steph’s Bubble soon.

The Barre class? Well, that reminded me of Ballet of course as you use the barre to stretch, flex and tone. I was much bendier back in the days.

I ended the day getting a delivery full of fruit, veg and more from Ocado to keep me on the path to full health. Plus, a little Twitter debacle to attend to that seems to be putting a few people, including myself, in a spin.

As for today, its another busy day in the office with some exciting new opportunities for the team and then home to put my feet up and relax.

Have great days people! 😉


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