Project 35 | Day 16

Crossy Road… Take me home…

I’ve resisted for about three days – that’s excellent by the way – the temptation to download a new gaming app called Crossy Road but alas, last night I gave in. The guys on my team have been both warning me of the perils of addiction and luring me to join in the race to the top score and it all got too much. I had to try it for myself.

Crossy Road is a game in which you have to get various creatures to cross busy roads, rivers and rail tracks without getting splattered, drowning or smashed into by a train. I’ve been a tree frog, an emu and a mallard amongst other things and have yet to cross more than 75 roads.

The sound effects are fab so I’d advise that if you do join the ranks of crazy game play you keep the sound on.

Yes I’m 35 and I play silly games on my iPhone 😊

Try it and let me know what you think? Lame arcade game or super silly fun.

Laters dudes and dudettes!


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