Project 35 | Day 17

Friday lunchtime is yoga time for me. I started taking regularly classes at the gym again back in November with a teacher called Adrian and they are fab.

But what is yoga? Well, each lesson begins by focusing on using your breathing to control your heart rate, followed by a series of sets of movements that increase in intensity and allow you to do more and more challenging poses where you stretch and lengthen your muscles.

As with any good yoga class, you should only ever do what feels comfortable for you. That’s not to say don’t try to push yourself but rather don’t break yourself trying to do something that is too far beyond your capabilities. Regular practise makes things easier each time.

Yesterday’s class was all about stretching and lengthening your legs and core including – for the most able in the class – box splits. I haven’t been able to do that since my teens and am currently about a foot off the floor when I try ☺️ (I might add that to my Bubble list!).

Yoga really helps with my running so make sure I don’t end up in knots. Speaking of which the weekend heralds a nice ten miler 😁!

Bon weekend peeps!


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