Project 35 | Day 18

Saturday’s would typically start with a 5km run but I’m finding that since I moved yoga to Fridays I don’t have the right energy levels on a Sunday to do my long run. (That last sentence was a test to see how many days of the week I could squeeze in, obviously!) Instead, I had a rest day with the hope that I might be able to enjoy a nice steady 12-16km run this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In other news, Ealing seems to be opening new restaurants and cafés weekly at the moment. The latest and most exciting new arrival is Wa, a Japanese Patisserie! When I visited Thailand I discovered and fell in love with two ingredients: Matcha and Pandan. As I walked past the window of Wa, I spotted a matcha and Pandan roll so, even at the cheeky price of £3.40 a slice, I had to try one.

If you’re thinking that Japanese desserts are sweet and sickly, think again. It’s quite an usual taste and surprising to find red beans in the middle. Not Heinz beans, of course! That sounds like that scene in the a la carte kitchen as from the 80s.

Nonetheless I really enjoyed it. 😊


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