Project 35 | Day 25

My weekends are supposed to be my opportunity to train for the marathon but so far it’s been more of a mission to sleep and eat.

Obviously I’m a lot more tired than I thought I was so I rested up at home, got a few chores done and watched a Richard Curtis movie called about time, which is all about time travel.

It’s sounds more sci-fi than romantic comedy but it’s actually quite like Time traveller’s wife except only the men in the family know they can time travel and they jump back into their own bodies of the time they revisit.

Not a bad movie at all. Very easy to watch and very sweet as stories go.

As for my training, I feel this weekend might be more rest than runs. 😔 Next week though I’m taking the power back!

Oh and did I mention it was Valentine’s Day? No? Well, I should because the Climate Change team ran a very sweet campaign #showthelove this year. Asking you to tell the world what you’d love to protect on the planet. I chose the Cloud Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica. What would you choose?

Bon weekend!


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