Project 35 | Day 28

This week is flying by so quickly. Yesterday was jam packed with web site builds, comms strategy, new biz and more.

In an attempt to jazz up my commute, I decided to take my top deck show selfie to a whole new level. Peek-a-boot may well just be the first of a whole new series of shoe shots atop a bus. What do you think? More?

Once home Mount Darzi – aka Nella’s mountain of things to move with – had grown again in the living room and seems to have reached its peak. Perhaps? Maybe? LOL! Only a few more days to go now until she moves out 😔.

The flat isn’t going to be the same without her that’s for sure. We’ve lived in house shares together now for almost eight years. First in a crumbly old five bed that has given us a wealth of disaster stories, including the one where the pipes burst in the middle of the night and we were holding out pans to catch the water just like they do in cartoons! In fact I think if we had the time the story collection would make an excellent read.

More recently we’ve shared a much nicer two bed flat just down the road but miles away in style, decoration and safety record.

With everyone we’ve shared with moved on, engaged or married it looks like I’ll be the last in the bunch to move on the next phase in my life. That said, it also means even though I’m one of the eldest, I’ll be the last one to really ‘grow up’! #winning 😉

Have beautiful days people!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my nephew Sam! Hope you have a great day!

Oh and also, the beautiful drawing of the snowman is from my niece Laura, who lives in the Czech Republic. Super cute ⛄️! #HappySteph


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