Project 35 | Day 37

Malcolm Gladwell once said you need to do something for 10,000 hours to truly master it. I own that concept this week! I can teach you many things I have learnt. I am a master of knowledge! 😉

Honestly though, as busy as it’s been I’ve never felt more proud of the team and the way they have delivered their work, supported me and each other and yes, I could do with a few more hours sleep by hey, you only live once. 

Running was a fail yesterday, again. I left my trainers at home, again. But today I will bend, stretch and relax at yoga for an hour. 

I managed to chat to Darzi just as she boarded the plane last night too. She waited til the last minute to let her freshly painted nails dry, obvs! But she is currently landing in Hong Kong somewhere and hopefully not freaking out 😊.

Now stop reading this and go have some fun! Oh yes that’s me on the phone on the floor in the photo!


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