Project 35 | Day 48 

Two words: Ping Pong! 

Such a fun night out with the Battenhall team down at Bounce in Farringdon. We were hosted by the awesome Games Guru who put on a Ping Pong Sports Day for us featuring a variety of inspired ways to play and be very silly in the process. My team ‘Kanye Balls’ came in second to ‘Tats’ but we were all winners 😊. 

After a quick time out for Pizza and snacks, which were delicious by the way, we opted for a few more games in the other room. Finally I managed to focus my skills that I’d obviously been perfecting – that’s code for ‘I was pretty awful and hit the way waaaaay too hard before’ – finally took shape. 

Great night out if you’re London based or visiting just don’t forget to book in advance. 

In other news life seems to be balancing itself out again *touch wood* so I plan on getting a few miles in on the way home over the week ahead. 

Happy Tuesday people!


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