Project 35 | Day 58

Birthday celebrations for Fereshta and and Janey with Hedgehog cake were the order of the day! Although no one found it an easy task to eat the hedgehogs head, despite the fact it was chocolate! 

When I got home my Twitter feed was buzzing with #BattenVEDA conversations as people start to prepare and connect ahead of April 1st. I can already feel all the crazy energy building! Which is a good thing as I was having a day in which I wasn’t quite feeling myself. 

Then rage at the BBC kicked in when they aired a TV show that seemed to focus on teaching the nation how to use spoons! Each time I looked up the presenter was spooning sugar into a bowl to show how much of it there was in a ready meal or breakfast cereal. Three things: 1) Do people really not know how much sugar they are consuming? 2) Do we need to be patronised by showing everything in spoonfuls? (I think you could actually make a vine of the edit of the show that did not include spooning! I.e. Very little footage. 3) Advising people to use sweeteners over sugar is ridiculous! I’ve seen the evidence first hand that shows how nasty the stuff is compared with sugar. 

Okay rant over! Enjoy the eclipse and happiness day! 😁


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