Project 35 | Day 90

Wow what a day! I kicked things off by uploading a vlog and then falling asleep for 4 hours but if did make up for it by walking no less than 30km of Copenhagen to literally explore all four corners of this beautiful city.

A stroll through the Latin Quarter to take in the retro student vibe and grab some breakfast to begin and then I ventured down towards Christiana. On the way I stopped by a stable in the city where a white horse was being trained and stumbled upon a giant glass bubble dome and an awesome building I later found out was the stock exchange. 

I stopped to grab a coffee in Christiana before deciding to climb Vor Frelsrs Kirke‘s 300 steps to take in the views of the city on such a clear day. Stunning.

Next I wandered through the quay side to grab a selfie in the sun and headed to the design museum to go and meet my friend Rikke. Turns out museums are closed on Mondays! So instead I came back to Tivoli via a cure gallery and we met in the gardens/amusement park to giggle at boys being terrified on crazy rides.

After that we headed out to explore Copenhagen beyond the five lakes, over the bridge where the kids hangout and through the skate park. Stopped to people watch while we enjoyed some of the best coffee and then hit Halifax an awesome burger restaurant for much needed food!

Refuelled we wandered past the potato row houses and through the King’s Park and then out back through Christiana to other side to see the manmade beaches, a beautiful sunset and even the Torso building from Sweden in the distance.

Finally a quick pit stop at Rikke’s flat for a coffee and then home to bed! Awesome day. Fab weather. Great tour guide. More please!!! 


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