Project 35 | Day 91

Off on an adventure out of the city to visit a castle and get a healthy dose of modern art, I set out on the train hoping I was going in the right direction. I was 😉!

Helsingør is a very quiet town but the sea views of Sweden are just lovely. It’s so calm and still. There are fisherman on the rocks (that’s not a cocktail by the way) hoping for a good catch and the Kronborg Castle sits guarding secret tunnels that run under its walls. 
The castle is nice to look out from the outside but very plain inside unfortunately. A few things caught my eye, the tapestry of a Rhino – the first of its kind to come to Europe in 1550; the ballroom which in its vastness gave you the inspiration to imagine dancers swooshing their gowns across the floor; and lastly the views from the corners of the turrets we’re just beautiful.

Heading back down the train line to Humlebæk I took a stroll to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. A fairly residential area you would never guess that such a host of wonderful pieces would be tucked away behind the houses. 

A few artists that I really enjoyed were Richard Mosse, a photographer who shot the Congo using 16mm infrared film, Hans Peter Feldman who took a Banksy approach to fine art pieces making them crossed eyed, silly or generally anti-high society in some way, finally Yayoi Kusama, one of my personal favourites who just had one exhibit which was a room filled with lights and mirrors. 

Another train journey back to Copenhagen and I stopped off at the hotel for a coffee and a recharge before doing one last lap of the city and getting dinner. 

Tomorrow it’s Malmö, Sweden for the day and then Thursday it’s home! Eek! 


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