Project 35 | Day 92 

Hello and goodbye Malmö. Nice to visit but I won’t be back anytime soon. My heart belongs to Copenhagen. 

It seemed like a good idea to take the 30 minute train ride across the bridge to Sweden for the day but I really didn’t look into what was ahead of me. I should have guessed when so few people had blogged about the town of Malmö. Oh well, I can tick another country visited off my list. 

The parks were nice enough, Malmöhaus – a big red fort with exhibitions inside, really didn’t appeal to me to I went to Moderna Museet instead to see a few modern art collections. Nils Dardel was interesting but the rest failed to impress. Look at me the big travel and art critic now! 

Back in Copenhagen I had all afternoon and evening to do all of the things I didn’t think I’d get time for: The Glyptotek museum, the Danish Design Muesuem and maybe a bit of dawdling and shopping. 

The Glyptotek was impressive. In not a history buff but I was reminded that selfies have been part of human nature since time began. Albeit this time in the form of sculpture and painting in the early days. 

The Danish design museum was closed. Ironically they sent my to the Design museum I had tried to visit Monday but it was closed too. The universe is trying to tell me something I feel… 

Instead I hopped on a canal tour to rest my legs and enjoy the city from a different perspective. I think if I ever was to move here I’d want to live in the Christiana side of town. It’s a set of manmade islands with beautiful buildings and a great vibe. 

Then a stroll back through the high street to take in the early evening buskers and locals enjoying the 17 degree springtime sunshine before heading back to the hotel to rest, pack and relax. 

Did I mention I 💗 Copenhagen? 


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