Project 35 | 🌟 Day 100 πŸŒŸ

Wow! 100 days straight of blogging coincides with 30 days of vlogging! Hurrah!

Today was the last day of BattenVEDA and the final Twitter Chat for the month but I have a confession. I failed to complete the final vlog. A monster headache meant I just wanted to sleep as soon as the day was done. 

The calendar topic for the final day of BattenVEDA was a wrap up of the month but instead I nominated myself to do a dating video!?!?! I’m meant to tell people why they should date me and the kind of guy I’m looking for 😁. This should be interesting. Coupled with that I’ve been asked to talk about how I use social media when I’m dating! This is going to be a crazy, crazy vlog! 

In other news Charlie in my team has signed me up to go run training with him on a more regular basis. I will get my sub 60m 10km and sub 2:15 HM!

Oh and this funny little web app appeared promising to guess your age from you photos. I’m doomed! It’s adding extra numbers everywhere! 


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