Project 35 | Day 117 

Yay! Hurrah! Boo! Ouch! These were my expressions yesterday afternoon during my one hour visit to Westfield shopping centre. Why? Well let me tell you. 

After finding the dress I’d wear toy friend’s wedding on Friday I realised that even with heels the floor would be swept by the hemline, so I returned it. In its place I found another lovely dress, a little bit less princess and a bit more sophisticated. Blue, scrappy, cowl neck line and waterfall style draping at the front. “Yay!”. 

I had a quick look around another store to find some blue shoes, we’re talking Navy on both counts I might and I found two pairs in the perfect colour. I consulted my sister via whatsapp and we chose the strappy ones. “Hurrah!”.

Pleased with myself and my purchases, in record time, just under an hour, I walked to the tube, went to put on my cardigan and realised it wasn’t with me. “Boo!”. I’d left it somewhere in my rush and tried various stores which were now closing to do security checks. No sign 😔.

So I carried on my journey home only to look down and see that my right ankle was now double the size of my left. “Ouch!”. I’d gone running in the morning and had a slight niggle before I set off but it felt fine while I was running. Seems it was a quiet grumbler and now I had an unsightly big puffer where my ankle used to be. 

One pack of frozen edamame beans later and a couple of hours with my feet up and it started to go down a little but I feel this one isn’t going to just disappear. I’m going to have to…. REST! Aghhhhh! 

To be continued…


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