Project 35 | Day 118

In the last 24 hours I have managed to lose my debit card, my cardigan and my purse! Thankfully, with a little effort and the power of great human beings, I have managed to reclaim the ALL! You’d never believe it but it’s true!

My card I got back instantly on Sunday even if I did have to muscle past security in Debenhams as they were closing – slight exaggeration there but I wanted to make it sound a bit less pathetic and a bit more Hollywood 😉.

My cardi was left in House of Fraser when I ran to get my card. But I had to wait until Monday to find out if it had been found. It had! Hurrah! Weirdly, I had left it in the shoe department which was handy as my lovely Micheal Kors loafers had split on the sole that morning (I digress I know) and the lady who gave me back my cardi tells me I might be able to get a refund/exchange if I can show a bank statement. I’ll be back again tomorrow I guess. 

Finally the piece de resistance! The cherry on the cake! My purse. 

I took my team to visit a client in Swindon. We got off the train, I walked to the barriers and realised my purse was nowhere to be found. I rushed to the help desk and they called the train staff who found it immediately, took it to Bristol and sent it back. By the time I came out of my client meeting my purse was back in Swindon waiting for me complete with my tickets to get home! 

What have I learned? 

  • Don’t lend me things I’m likely to lose them! 
  • Things do really come in threes!
  • There are good people out there. No really. There are!

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