Project 35 | Day 126

The summer is definitely creeping up on us now. I wore a winter jacket to work this morning to protect me from the chill but by mid afternoon the sun was beating down on me. 

Please sun come out once my ankle is ready for exposure to the world (soon!) and let me know before I leave the house so that I may dress appropriately, thanks! 

All in all another non-stop day which saw me falling asleep for about three stops on the tube last night. Luckily the daylight at Baron’s Court woke me up 😉.

Enjoy the sunshine today peeps! 😎


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Steph's Bubble

London based Social Media gal |📱Gramming🏃🏼Running 🏄 Living 🎎 Dancing💃🏼Traveling 🌍 Doing all the things 🌺

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