Project 35 | Day 127

Typically busy day in the office but it was one of those days where everything ran smoothly and we got sh*t done 😉! 

On my way home a spotted a little sign outside Kings Cross with a pair of flip flops and a cup. It claimed to be an invisible homeless man who would work for the minimum wage, who just needed a job or a donation. Whether this was a genuine homeless person being smart through art, a PR stunt or a savvy student, this really made me stop and think. 

The homeless on the streets of London who ask us to spare change are invisible to us because we choose not to see them. In fact we fear them. Not knowing if our help might them or us in danger. Will they use money for drugs? Will they steal your purse? 

Yes, there are shelters and food banks and yes, there are better ways to find work but the truth is we never know their stories because we are afraid to ask. 

I made a donation to the invisible man at Kings Cross because the scene moved me. Never judge a person on first sight. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, we all have life happen to us in different ways. In whatever form we can we should all help each other. 

Well wasn’t that an emotional post! Live long and prosper people 😉


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