Project 35 | Day 134

Lots of meetings, lots of work and then a blogger event at The Guardian for The Rainforest Alliance. 

The event was a gallery viewing of photos of the workers in the banana, coffee and cocao industries with their stories about how the alliance has helped to educate them to make the best of their crops and protect their land. The work they do is highly commendable that’s for sure. 

There was some nice food and drink but these are all images I’m overly familiar with having worked in the industry for so long. 

For someone new coming into this space I’m sure they are powerful and interesting but I left after 10 minutes as I had seen and read all the stories. Such a shame as its a great brand I was just hoping for something a little more. 

As I say, this is old news for me but I’m sure it’s new news to many others. 


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