Project 35 | Day 149

You know when you decide to go off exploring, thinking this just one long canal… it’s fine I’ll run from King’s Cross canal side and pop out at Paddington? Well, I can tell you that after 6pm Little Venice says, ‘Err you can’t come through this way’!

After a beautiful, although occasionally, ahem, interesting run along Regents Canal I found myself lost at 8:30pm trying to find a station to get home. Of course I had GPS so I did find it eventually and my colleague Charlie was on Whatsapp so he was keeping me entertained from his hospital bed – GET WELL CHARLIE! 

So what was interesting you ask? Well, let’s start with Camden. Some nice street art, expressive characters and the smell of smokes that were definitely not cigarettes 🌿 were in the air. I don’t think the smells impacted on my running 😉

Just past the main strip were the casual drinkers who looked like they made it their vocation to be there. 

Further along, some beautiful houses and gardens on the back of Regents Park, followed by lines of Barges in Little Venice.

Then finally the contemporary feel of Paddington Basin as I approached the station. 

Definitely worth exploring 😉


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