Project 35 | Day 158

80 hours of Nella in London was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in ages! We were total ‘Brits’ for the day to celebrate Nella becoming a British Citizen. 

Together we explored the latest Serpentine Pavillion installation and weirdly matched in colour to almost every part of it. We the went and danced and posed with the art in the gallery and accidentally shot our first album cover 😉. 

Then Ruchi had the great idea that we should get a boat in Hyde Park, so we did! Thamy and I took the role of pedal princesses and took the girls round in circles in the sunshine. 

Next up it was Tipsy Tea at Mr. Fogg’s. A step back in time to Philleas’s 80 days around the world in the form of cocktails in teapots, sandwiches, cakes and macaroons. The attention to detail was impeccable but the food wasn’t as tasty as it looked. Nonetheless we had a good time, probably caused a bit of a scene when I dropped my phone out of the selfie stick in a very civilised venue and promptly snorted and giggled very loudly 😂.

Our day was almost done but then we stumbled across London Pride in Oxford Street which was fab! Then Nelly and Thamy wanted to see the giant Minions – because they are both actually 5 years old! Alas they were gone but that didn’t stop Nelly riding an elephant round the toy department in Selfridges 😂! 

Such a fun day and sad to see Nella go again but I’ll be in Hong Kong soon enough with the girls. 


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