Project 35 | Day 160

As Wimbledon kicked off I had a flurry of memories come back to me from my days working at Pernod Ricard with Jacob’s Creek and Lavazza coffee. So many awesome opportunities and great people I met and there was a little bit of tennis in the mix too 😊.

The tennis was a helpful distraction for what was both a blessing and an emotional moment. My flatmate gave notice on the flat, as did I. There’s no place quite like Ealing and for me it’s been home for more than ten years, but it’s time to move on… 

My landlady even mentioned that she was sad to see me go 😢. 

The good news is I do have somewhere lined up to go so I’ll keep you posted on that over the weeks ahead. 

Anyway, let the games begin and balls to all the flatmate sharing none sense 🎾 


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