Project 35 | Day 179

I need to run more! I’ve had a few weeks off and I’m starting to face the consequences. I’m much more sleepy, my belly is growing and I’m thinking too much about things that need not be thought about. 

One thing I did do today was start taking action on a few other areas of my life. Getting things said and in some cases done too. 

I’ve booked my osteopath to get my alignment sorted out and hopefully avoid future ankle injuries if all goes to plan.

I’ve got the date and destination agreed 100% with the girls for our trip. Deposits go down shortly and then it all becomes real!

And I’ve ripped off that plaster I’ve been avoiding for the last few months and made a bit of fool of myself in the process. But hey, you only get one shot at life and I’d hate to go out thinking if only I’d said this or done that. Now I can look forward again 😊.

As for the running? Gym kit is coming with me to the office tomorrow!


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