Project 35 | Day 203

Dear Universe, 

There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you and I thought this blog post might be the best way. 

I would like to order more hours in my day to do more awesome things, please and thank you. My days feel like hours, hours feel like minutes and if I had a watch i don’t think I’d have the time to check it 😂. 

This isn’t a grumble or a moan. In fact I love it when life is like this. I’m like a hamster in a wheel – If I am running and running and running, I’m at my happiest 😊. It’s when I stop I feel meh. I’d just like a bigger wheel. Would that be okay? 

In the meantime, I’ll be more resourceful with my time. I’ll chose to run instead of vlog if I need to – I have a half marathon in September after all;  make the most of the moments by being in them and not thinking about what’s next; and I’ll make sure the quiet days are organised and that lie-ins are a thing of the past to avoid the trap of my bed. 

Excuse me now while I return to my happy place – my hamster wheel – my world! I have awesome to do! 

Speak soon,



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