Project 35 | Day 222

Remember to print your photos as well as keep them digitally folks! I had a panic for an hour that I couldn’t retrieve photos I knew I’d saved to an external hard drive – turns out they were hidden in a folder within a folder and I only found them by chance in the end. 

The main reason for using my external hard drive is because my laptop was full. An ongoing challenge I face from taking too many photos and videos. I made my biggest montage video yet this BattenVEDA for the carnival of course. 

Later that afternoon I went out to get some food and came home with a colouring book for grown ups and some felt tip pens! Love it! 🙌🏻

My evening was therefore a mixture of decluttering and discovery random things. I’m taking strange taking French toys and Ricky Martin posters! And of course colouring in s giant pineapple! 


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