Project 35 | Day 365 The Finale

What a year 35 has been! So much change, so much adventure, so much fun! 

I’m not gonna lie after 260 something days blogging straight I started to lose the passion for sharing the highlights of my days. That said, it’s longer than I’ve ever kept a diary. And, it’s taught me I now have more fun doing stuff off line than I have done in quite some time. 

In no particular order, these are just some of the incredible moments of my 35th year: 

  1. Running Paris Marathon with my brother and sister 
  2. Swimming with sharks and without a life jacket in Caye Caulker
  3. Surviving caving in Belize 
  4. Moving house and living on my own
  5. Spending five days exploring Copenhagen 
  6. Celebrating Emma and James getting married, finally!
  7. Running Reading half marathon with my Dad and sister 
  8. Making some amazing new friends near and far
  9. Battenhall winning loads of awards 
  10. Flying a tiny plane over the Blue Hole in Belize
  11. My day out with Olivia and Tom
  12. Learning welsh songs with Kara
  13. Vlogging daily for BattenVEDA in April and most of August
  14. Holi Festival with Samira
  15. Nella’s citizenship weekend in London 
  16. Going to the Circus workshop with Thamy 
  17. Finding my Twinny, Tamsin 
  18. Everything about Flight Club, especially slushies 
  19. Being part of a marketing campaign for the Brain Tumour Charity 
  20. Dancing solo at Sam and Ian’s wedding 
  21. Finding out Nicky was in remission 
  22. Going to Alice in Wonderland in the Vaults
  23. Battenhall’s team night out at the Three Johns
  24. The day the ‘websites’ died and we worked 22hours straight as a team to revive them all
  25. Working with my PT Chloe to get the best arms I’ve ever had
  26. Hosting the Florette blogger event with The Lean Machines
  27. Being featured in The Next Web on Peach’s launch day
  28. Daily WhatsApps with the crazies
  29. Being arty in Amsterdam
  30. Notting Hill Carinval with Laura
  31. Running a 28min 5km after being ill for three days
  32. Christmas Eve with Emma, And, Cassie and Daniel
  33. Stumbling upon the Delorean on a run
  34. Going to Devon with Gemma to do Yoga and buy fresh berries on the way
  35. Finding out Janette was preggers
  36. Lunch with Esther being mBrained

And that my friends is just a snapshot!

Will there be a Project 36? Most likely 😊


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