The Best Yoga Events in London

It’s national yoga month and London is fully embracing the celebration in so many ways and I’m absolutely loving it.

Working in social media, I spend a LOT of time on Instagram and to be honest, this is where I find out about most of these events. Whether that’s by following teachers in the city or fitness brands, there is no shortage of enthusiasm to let you know what’s on and encouragement to get you to be part of these incredible yoga experiences.

Over the course of September, I managed to get to a mix of free and paid for events, one of which I actually won a pair of tickets – how cool is that?!

As a result, I’ve decided to post regular roundups of the best yoga events and experiences in the city based on personal experiences from my own adventures and my fellow yogis in the city.

So. without further ado, here’s the lowdown…

The Wellscene Yoga Pop-up
Taught by Emily Clare Hill

After missing out on an opportunity to take a yoga class in the Tate Modern, Emily invited me to join her class with a live cellist, which took place in St. John’s church near Hyde Park. The setting was impressive, as you might imagine, however the acoustics were a real struggle for me as the sounds of the music and Emily’s voice reverberated around the room making it hard to hear the cues. That said, I’m excited to try the other events hosted by The Wellscene in the coming months.

£22 per class + goodie bag.

Lululemon’s 20th Birthday Class
Taught by Mariel Whitmond & Richie Bostock

You may not be aware but Lululemon hosts a range of fitness classes in store every week. I took my first class with them just outside of Westfield on a chilly September morning. Mariel has a great energy about her and teaches in a creative and playful way that really gets your mind to focus on her cues and gets your sweat on.

Her class was followed by a pranayama session hosted by Richie aka The Breathe Guy, who took us through some open mouth breathing unlike anything I’d tried before. Once again, the energy under the canopy this time – the rain came – was amazing.

Watch the full session here!

£ FREE, regular classes at Lululemon stores across the city.

Flex in the Sky @ Landing 42 of The Leadenhall Building
Taught by Jessica Skye, Fat Buddha Yoga


A contemporary vinyasa class way up in the sky, which looks out over the Southbank as the sunsets. As well as being a Yogi, Jessica is also a Ministry of Sound DJ so she sets her flow to her own carefully curated playlist. There is something really magical about the whole experience. I’ve taken classes in the Sky Garden and the Shard but for me, this one tops the list of yoga in tall buildings in the city.

£12-16 per class, roof top practises run exclusively in the Summer.

Sweaty Betty Live
Taught by Jessica Olie, hosted by Sweaty Betty

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary, the Sweaty Betty team put together a fantastic selection of speakers, classes and food and beauty brands for the weekend. I managed to get into two talks with the founder Tamara discussing how is was and continues to be as an entrepreneur in the women’s fitness industry. Then, along with 250 ‘Sweaty Bettys’, I took a yoga class with Jessica Ollie. 45 minutes was barely enough to get the best of her teaching but I did come away with a few tips and techniques that I’m keen to master – the grip and flip being one of them. I left feeling great and looking great in my complimentary (it’s actually paid for in the ticket price) goodie bag complete with SB t-shirt, food and beauty products.

£15-60 per ticket, runs annually.

Wanderlust GB @ Battersea Park
Taught by Adriene and Julie Montagu, hosted by Adidas

img_4704-2.jpgI got my ticket on a last minute whim, after being teased by social ads on every platform, and knowing I’d already booked a Beyonce dance class at Frame on the same day.

A yoga festival that originated in the USA, the day started with a mindful triathlon: 5km run, yoga class and meditation. The rest of the day was jam packed with classes and workshops ranging from finding your spirit animal to acro yoga – it really was impressive.

The highlights for me were the yoga class hosted by Adrienne and Julie Montagu, while Goldie DJed, and the spirit animal meditation – it seems mine is a lion!

£40-80 per ticket, runs annually.

FWFG Roadshow @ Alexandra Palace
Taught by Adriene Mishler, hosted by Adidas

Scrolling through Instagram late on a Sunday evening I noticed Adriene post about her UK roadshow at Alexandra Palace – she is well known for her free online class on YouTube but this is one of the rare occasions she was going to visit London to teach. The first seven people to email her would win a pair of tickets to go and I was one of the people!

My friend Fereshta and I joined 2,400 other yogis to follow an amazing hour and a half class with the most incredible vibe. Ally Pally is known to host gigs with speakers blasting but instead the room was so quiet and still. It really was beautiful.

Find out more about the event in this great article by The Guardian.

£45 per ticket, a completely unique event.

Yoga @ The Design Museum
Taught by Adam Husler and hosted by Equinox Gyms

IMG_0086 2When you like a teacher and a class, you go back time and again. This was my third time to the Design Museum. It’s such an amazing space to practice. Set over three levels in a stunning atrium, Adam teaches an alignment focused vinyasa class accompanied by a pianist Otie (Previously Karim Kamar), and complimented by singing bowls and a singer during savasana from his fiancee, Emma.

After class, we got to explore the works of couturier, Azzedine Alaïa before heading off to Gail’s for a cheeky croissant and coffee.

£22 per class + free entry into the latest exhibition, runs every few months.

Yoga with Gandha – Arm Balance Workshop @ Eden Fitness
Taught and hosted by Gandha Savio

There are many workshops in London which offer a more hands on approach to improving and exploring new poses, sequences and drills. This month I chose to take an arm balance workshop in Ealing hosted by one of yoga teachers at Tribeca Studios, my local studio.

I chose the arm balance workshop because the crow has long been a challenge for me and I’m always keen to find new ways to build on strength and technique. Gandha’s approach was great. She provided a combination of tips, tricks and partner work to help spot and help each other find the balance we needed.

£30 for 2.5 hours, workshops are hosted every few months.

If you are hosting any yoga events, workshops or classes and would like to be featured or reviewed please get in touch on email or Instagram.


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