Project 35 | Day 88

Packing and prepping for Denmark was my plan for the entire day and that’s what I did. I even packed my gym kit to fit in a little run. I know I’m an addict. 

I think I have a little itinerary now for each day that I can use as a guide. The rest I’m just going to let happen and see what I can find.

A nice little surprise for me arrived from Hong Kong from Nella. Two bags of matcha caramels and some matcha powder! Delicious! I’m such a matcha aficionado.

Have good Sundays people!


Project 35 | Day 87

That frantic last day in the office before you go on holiday, paella for lunch, followed by a lovely evening with friends, can only mean one thing! Adrenalin rush 😀!

After a tough Thursday my Friday seemed to take me on an upward high that I hope will only be qualified with an awesome trip to Denmark and Sweden on Sunday! 

The weather is looking good, the countries look amazing and I literally just can’t wait. 

Today’s vlog was all about who would play me in the movie of my life and I think of them suggestions I most like Kriten Wiig and Dory from Finding Nemo. You can watch the full video on YouTube!

Have great weekends people!

Project 35 | Day 86

Sometimes a long Thursday needs a cheeky beer to end the day, even if it is just a half pint in a cute glass. 

Energy levels are low and I think my post run, post travel highs are dropping off. That can only mean one thing, I need to get back out and run! 

In preparation for the general election I watched a live party debate last night and just felt myself become even more  annoyed at the petty heckling in the debate. I was waiting for someone to slap a glove round someone else’s face, with one arm poised behind their back. I do want to vote but how do I decided which wally is best in charge? 

Also, I sent out my secret challenges to the #BattenVEDA community to do. There are five in total. Will you spot them? 

Project 35 | Day 85

The days are definitely getting longer! Sunrise around 5am and sunset around 8pm. What does that mean? More time to get more stuff done. Plus, my day went so fast it barely felt it happened.

What I can tell you is that I saw a lot of faces, ate French treats in the office, had a chicken and bacon sandwich for my dinner on the tube home and watched a few silly TV shows before bed as I couldn’t sleep. 

I have the need to run and want to pick up a hundred different coloured paint pots and throw them all one by one at a giant canvas to make something beautiful out of all the crazy! 

Denmark… You are just days away… Meanwhile, London… You’ll just have to put up with me taking you photo and posting it to Instagram. 

Project 35 | Day 84

Twas a long day of travel back from Paris today, returning home to more beautiful weather and an exciting week ahead. 

It’s been great to spend time with the family and show them the sites of Paris but I think everyone was ready to come home. Especially those with injuries. 

I managed to catch up with a load of BattenVEDA vlogs on my return and I’m always blown away by all the energy and creativity. I even got a lovely message from a vlogger to thank me for inviting her as she’s met so many lovely people as a result. 

YouTube and Twitter friends are sometimes the best 😉

Project 35 | Day 83

Exploring Paris on foot the day after a marathon is quite a feat but we did it! 

A tour of the Seine, the Notre Dame, the Hotel de Ville and the Pompidou too. My niece Kara had great fun chasing giant bubbles trying to pop them all.

Later we meet up with a French BattenVEDA vlogger Christelle aka @myvbl who joined us for a lovely evening and dinner. Kara let her braid her hair, Christelle shared her music vlogs which Kathryn and Neil loved and Natalie helped Kara draw a butterfly / papillon which is now on Christelle’s fridge at home.

Finally I was pleased for some sunshine too! 

Project 35 | Day 82

We did it! Almost exactly an hour apart as expected, my brother, my sister and I each crossed the finish line of the Paris Marathon on what was a beautifully warm day in the city!

It started off cool but the sun was out in force which made the city look amazing but the runners a little worse for wear. 

They had oranges and bananas all along the route which were amazing; None of this excessive amount of lucozade you see in the UK.  

The woods in the east of the city are stunning, I must pop back there at some point in time and the views along the Seine were fantastic.

I felt really good at the end but I did come through with a tiny knee injury which held me back on time and is feeling a little sore. The good thing is that as soon as I noticed it I eased off. I’d rather a slower time and knee that works! 

Feeling good that I took about 20 minutes off last year’s time and sure that had conditions been cooler I could have come in closer to 5:15. My official time was 5:41. 

Awesome day with the family! Thank you Paris!