Project 35 | Day 4

Up early and determined to get an appointment at the hairdressers before I met with my friends for lunch, I made the split decision to chop off my long locks and go for a style I’ve not rocked for a while… the bob!

It feels great and I’m over the moon with the way it looks too! #winning

Still full of cold I dosed up on meds and packed on my makeup to meet my friends at Bumpkin in South Kensington for some home cooked pub food. It’s always nice to have the chance to introduce my friends to each other as they are all so similar but different in their own unique ways.

If you’re heading to Bumpkin anytime soon definitely try their steak and ale pie – it’s fab.

After lunch I totally crashed out at home and gave in to the fact this cold needs me to rest and recover. Sir, yes, Sir Sergeant Cold! Orders heard and taken.

Good job I did too as I had an early start this morning meeting my landlady and a potential new flatmate. More on that tomorrow!

Ciao for now!


Project 35 | Day 3

So you know that scene in American Beauty when the girl emerges from a sea of rose petals looking beautiful. Well swap rose petals for snotty tissues and a British girl hiding under a duvet cover on the sofa looking like death and you’ve perfectly pictured how I looked yesterday afternoon. Luckily, I’m feeling a little better today and a bit more human.

I did manage to watch Wolf on Wall Street while I was home though which, despite the fact Leonardo DiCaprio was the lead and the crazy depiction of a time and an industry of which I’m not a fan was at the core of the story, I did actually really enjoy the movie. I’ve never understood the Leo fascination ever since he was in Titanic but I do rate his acting as The Wolf and Gatsby too for that matter.

Project 35, Day 4 is almost done as I write today’s post and I’ve got lots to tell you tomorrow but I’ll leave you with the news that this weekend is full of life changes including a new haircut!

Pop back tomorrow for all the details and perhaps a cheeky photo of my new hairdo 😉

Project 35 | Day 2

Paracetamol at 4am the night after your birthday normally suggests that you’ve got a monster hangover from a wild night of celebrating. For me that was not the case. Instead a bought of the common cold has left me was a blocked nose, sore throat and the ability to wake up with a mouth like a desert. But I’m not going to let it get the better of me as I’ve got my birthday lunch tomorrow with some of my loveliest friends.

Yesterday was filled with meetings as expected but also surprises. My team at work treated me to cake, divine chocolates and lots of things with bubbles. In fact one of the little test tubes filled with bubble mixture produces the most insane bubbles that you could catch without popping! Check out my Instagram feed to the see evidence!

My next surprise was waiting for me when I got home. A package from Amazon sent from Ireland by my lovely friend Melissa, containing a little tin of my favourite Matcha tea! Happy days.

And finally my last little treat for the day was a long overdue catch up on the phone with my little brother. Together with my little sister we are all running Paris Marathon in April so we were swapping training tips and giving injury updates 😊

What’s in store for the rest of my day? Lots of things but I’ll fill you in properly tomorrow.

See ya!

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Today is my 35th birthday

Happy birthday to me!

Not sure entirely where the last 34 years have gone. I’ve packed so much in to my life already but the best is yet to come.

I’ve challenged myself to blog something every day about my year ahead in what I’m calling ‘Project 35‘, so let’s see how that goes. Today’s plan is to go to the office as normal, have a few meetings, write a few presentations and then come home and watch a movie and relax. I have The Wolf on Wall Street in my latest Amazon Prime playlist so maybe I’ll watch that. The real celebrations will be this weekend when I get to catch up with friends for a birthday lunch. Can’t wait.

If you’re wondering, my photo was taken on Pocillos beach in Lanzarote. It’s a beautiful spot. And yes, I am wearing clothes – a strapless dress! 🙂

I’ll be back soon,

Steph aka – just for today – The birthday girl