Project 35 | Day 342

As 2015 comes to a close and everyone makes promises on social media to do amazing things next year, let us not forget our achievements and discoveries in the last twelve months. 

Of the many things I’ve learned this year during Project 35, some are just for me to know 😉 but these are the top ten things I want to share with you all today: 

  1. I don’t need to share every moment of my life on the Internet 😱
  2. Traveling brings out the best in me 🌴
  3. I run faster in the Winter and Spring ❄️
  4. Dancing makes me happy 💃🏼
  5. A minion is one of many little yellow creatures that live to serve an evil master and likes bananas 🍌
  6. I like to lift 🏋🏻
  7. Daring to do things that scare me does make me stronger 💪🏻
  8. I love Denmark 🇩🇰
  9. I’m going to run London Marathon 😀 
  10. There is an emoji for almost everything 🦄

What did you learn about yourself in 2015? 

As for next year… 

It’s just tomorrow. Another day. Another opportunity to do something awesome. 

The only resolution you need is to make is one to create opportunities for yourself if you really want to something happen. 

Don’t wait 😊


Project 35 | Day 203

Dear Universe, 

There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you and I thought this blog post might be the best way. 

I would like to order more hours in my day to do more awesome things, please and thank you. My days feel like hours, hours feel like minutes and if I had a watch i don’t think I’d have the time to check it 😂. 

This isn’t a grumble or a moan. In fact I love it when life is like this. I’m like a hamster in a wheel – If I am running and running and running, I’m at my happiest 😊. It’s when I stop I feel meh. I’d just like a bigger wheel. Would that be okay? 

In the meantime, I’ll be more resourceful with my time. I’ll chose to run instead of vlog if I need to – I have a half marathon in September after all;  make the most of the moments by being in them and not thinking about what’s next; and I’ll make sure the quiet days are organised and that lie-ins are a thing of the past to avoid the trap of my bed. 

Excuse me now while I return to my happy place – my hamster wheel – my world! I have awesome to do! 

Speak soon,


Project 35 | Day 168

What an amazing show! Shelter Me, which is running in London until Saturday, is a stunning mix of gymnastic and circus based skills with an incredible level of social participation. 

On arrival you’re allocated a buddy – another person attending the show -who texts you during the show and you need to reply to make sure they are having a good night. You also receive text messages telling the stories of the performances as they happen. 

There are lots of little mini group activities you get drawn into to immerse yourself into the action. Singing and being in a hula hoop with a stranger are just two of those which I got caught up in. 

Visually it was stunning both inside the venue and on the roof top where we watch some aerial gymnastics with the city skyline in the back drop. 

I cannot tell you how much you need to go before it ends! Amazing! 

How was your Tuesday? 😉

Project 35 | Day 111

🌟 BOOM! What a day! 🌟

I woke up knowing that we would have two new starters joining the team at Battenhall, growing our little empire of communications wizards and was feeling pretty good about that. It turns out that it was the first of many things rated awesome all of which came in a range of shapes and sizes. 

📢 Make sure you read to the end – I’ve saved the best until last! 

Next up, I walk into the office to be greeted by a beaming Drew, who tells me we’ve just won the Holmes Report award for best new consultancy for Europe, Middle East and Africa! Amazing! 

The day goes on and inductions for the newbies ensue, a quick visit to a top secrecy project location followed by lunch. This is when I spot an email from Nike Training Club, telling me I’ve been picked for a spot in Tuesday night’s event to be trained by ‘master trainers’ and to get a free dinner! Winning! 

The afternoon continues and I take what I think to be either a handful of m&ms or skittles, turns out it was both! Excellent combo that I’d highly recommend. 

Then finally, the biggest and best news of my day that left me sobbing on the tube on my way home… My friend Nicky who I met through the Running the World Facebook group, who has run three London Marathons in recent years not to mention any of the other halves and 10km runs too, finally got her date for her last, yes last, chemo session! 

Nicky is one of the bravest, determined and inspiring women I’ve ever known. She’s been fighting the big C for too many years (read her story here) and in spite of all the sh*t it brings, she always comes through with the biggest smile, the best sense of humour and the most incredible spirit. 

Screw you Cancer! 💪🏻 We’re winning! 

(Today’s photo is stolen honestly and with good intentions from Nicky’s Facebook page 😉).