Project 35 | Day 328

Emails checked. Christmas photo taken. New teamies met. I’m officially back to work. But what better day to do so than Christmas party day. 

I’m not a fan of the Santa inspired event we all celebrate today but I do love an opportunity to party with my team. 

After a Secret Santa present giving – I got a bubble gun and chocolates, of course – we headed down to Flight Club for popcorn mussels, slushy cocktails and a few games of Demolition, Killer and Shanghai. 🎯

I’m not gonna lie, my dart throwing skills are hit and miss but it was great night. If I were to ask for one gift it would be to see my whole team happy. I think it’s safe to say I got the gift I wanted πŸ˜‰.


Project 35 | Day 279

An early morning call for work that I’d unusually be in the office for, I took at home. I was awake but spaced out. It was the PR Week Awards later on and having missed the last ones while I was away I was adamant I was going to be there… Just in case πŸ˜‰

I came into the office for around 10am and don’t remember too much of the day to be honest. It was all a bit of a blur. But we got the the awards dinner and I was still alive.

A few teams selfies and dinner done, our award nominations were right at the end. Worth the wait though! We came home with two! 

Although I would have loved to stay and celebrate with my team as soon as my adrenalin dropped I knew I needed my bed. Home… 

Project 35 | Day 204

What a great start to a Thursday it was! A promotion for breakfast πŸ˜€! You’re looking at the new Associate Director for Battenhall. Excitement on a scale of 1-10? 🌟 100! 🌟

Of course there was then work to do but we had a team lunch to celebrate and to welcome to our lovely new designer Andrea to the team at Meat Mission. Burgers and photobooth selfies ensued, hence the crazy photo for today. 

Then later, after work I met my friend Nat to confirm my move in date to her flat in September. Ladies and gents, I’ll be leaving Ealing to move to Dollis Hill in north west London in a month! Can’t wait to try out new running routes around Hampstead Heath 😊.

Who says 13th is unlucky? I don’t! πŸ˜‰


Project 35 | Day 201

We got a shiny new internet connected flashy light thingy at Battenhall!! But you probably already know that if you follow my social feeds as its plastered all over the place πŸ˜‚.

It flashes when you mention Battenhall on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t believe me? Give a go!

Monday nights are Twitter chat nights in August and one of the coolest things I realised is that we have Vloggers from ten countries around the world this time! Love how international #BattenVEDA has become this year! 

I’m asking everyone for questions to answer in day 11 so lemme know what you wanna know 😊

M’kay bai πŸ˜‰

Photo stolen from Anton Perreau! 

Project 35 | Day 191

We moved! Taxi by taxi, with boxes big enough to fit me in, we relocated Battenhall to the heart of Shoreditch! 

Very exciting times as the business grows and we establish ourselves in our own office – no longer a co-work space after almost two and a half years! 

We’ve made the small meeting room into a show case of all the things that represent us – a decor decision that happened in the moment but worked out to be top dollar πŸ˜‰. Then a quick beer with the boys before home. 

After what was a great day, I had the worst nights sleep, a headache and got sick 😒. But I survived another day and I’m now en route to Gosport to celebrate my little sister turning 30! 

Project 35 | Day 190

Project deconstruct Battenhall has begun. Boxing up and taking down our PostIt quote walk felt very strange. We move 31st July!

0nce home, I realise that I have reverted to Twitter addiction! I joined yet another Twitter chat for vloggers last night called #VloggersChat and spent a good hour incessantly tweeting with a fab group of up and coming gals. 

I did however, then switch off for a while and watch a movie which got me to put down my tech and step away from social media for an hour or so. Pretty scary movie as the main character suffered from amnesia. Every day she would forget the day and years before 😐. Perfect to watch just before you go to sleep 😁.