Project 35 | Day 328

Emails checked. Christmas photo taken. New teamies met. I’m officially back to work. But what better day to do so than Christmas party day. 

I’m not a fan of the Santa inspired event we all celebrate today but I do love an opportunity to party with my team. 

After a Secret Santa present giving – I got a bubble gun and chocolates, of course – we headed down to Flight Club for popcorn mussels, slushy cocktails and a few games of Demolition, Killer and Shanghai. 🎯

I’m not gonna lie, my dart throwing skills are hit and miss but it was great night. If I were to ask for one gift it would be to see my whole team happy. I think it’s safe to say I got the gift I wanted 😉.


Project 35 | Day 24

Whoah, Friday was a belter! All systems go from start to finish.

A big client announcement in the media, a big proposal all wrapped up and an evening throwing sharp objects at a wall in the company of friends and colleagues to name but a few of the highlights!

So it turns out, once I’d nailed my somewhat unorthodox stance, I’m not half as bad as I started out to be at the game of darts.

I started off throwing with my right hand and my left foot forward, throwing darts like I’d play hockey, but that wasn’t really working. Following expert advice I tried putting my right foot forward instead but again, the board was evading my darts. So then I took it upon myself to find my own approach. It’s not all that elegant but it works a treat!

Steph’s stance: Put your toes from both feet on the line, hips facing the dartboard straight on, squat a little and hover and voila! ‘Steph’s Straddle’!

Perhaps it’s too much time on the gym floor or in yoga class but whatever lead to this curious pose I’m grateful as it took me to the top of the leaderboard with my partner in crime Aaron!

I think darts might become something of a regular activity! 🎯