Project 36 | Month 1 

Did you think I’d given up on my blog? Yeah? So did I!

They say start things as you mean to go on and if 22nd Janaury was anything to go by, I’ll mostly be enjoying great nights out with the best of friends, scoring Bullseyes and losing things…  


… So far this year, I’ve lost (and sometimes found again) a pair of shoes, a set of keys, two Oyster cards, one debit card and a phone charger cable. 

Something I didn’t plan to lose but I’m glad I did however, was that 10km race time of 1h 1min. At the London Winter 10km I managed to take 5 minutes off my personal best which now stands at an unbelievable 56 minutes! It was 6 degrees and raining the whole time too.

Since then my running has really slowed again. Although I’ve managed to stick to my weight training and squeeze in a few yoga sessions, finding time to run and not lose energy has been an issue. So please, if you see me, feed me or offer me your shoulder to take a nap. If there is one person I can rely on to make sure I eat well it’s Sam! Where there’s a brunch Sam will make sure it’s tried and tested 😉. This was her French toast at Chrisptopher’s.
Next up, work. Man did those big clients come knocking in Jan! Lots of new business pitching and big projects kicking off at the start of this year has meant things have been a bit crazy chez Battenhall. Good crazy. Really really good crazy. But I’m not gonna lie. It has worn me out a little. Month two is going to have to be a little more focused to get the life work balance back on track. 

  Last but not least, let’s talk about travel. Thamy and I headed off to Germany for a Wiesbaden weekender with Pat and Astrid, who we met in Belize. We drank absinthe, made snow angels in the garden, ate chimney bread, played cards against humanity and so much more in just two days. 

Travel really feeds my soul. This year I’ve already got a full line up of trips with Japan and Alaska coming up next. I might even have a few tasty work trips ahead too. Whatever happens, I am not going to be losing my passport anytime soon!!! 


Project 35 | Day 221

Best brunch in town? Caravan in King’s Cross! It was delicious. So many options to choose that were weird and wonderful. And of course great company with Charlie, Jonny and Laura-Christelle. 

An inpromptu bus trip to take a top deck shoefie turned into an impromptu visit to Notting Hill Carninval. I even bought a headdress and shiny top en route! Luckily I’d brought my camera to vlog with my BattenVEDA buddies but I wasn’t expecting a photographic opportunity like this when I brought it along.

In the almost eleven years I’ve lived in London this was my first carnival and I have to say it was nothing liked I’d imagined. Less feathers more grime but still fascinating to watch and be part of for the afternoon. 

A crazy day indeed. Here’s proof:

Project 35 | Day 209

Do you ever have those moments when you realise you should have taken a selfie with your mates but you forgot? No? I do. And yet I’m not 14! 

Meeting up with Carina and Hayley in Angel was one of those moments. We caught up briefly before my training run and before Carina goes back to Costa Rica next week. 

We have all known each other since Uni and although we don’t see each other very often, put us in a tapas bar and mention South America and we’re back in 2000 all over again. 

After a few hugs goodbye it was a 7km dash through the city to Paddington and then home to bed. 

That was my Tuesday x

Project 35 | Day 206

9.30am and we’re in the gym! Treadmill, machines, wobble boards and weights. Then its outside for a yoga warm down and some inversions (aka a headstand!) 😊

After that, a quick dip in the pool and a trip to what felt like a futuristic pod with seats that resembled urinals which was known as the steam room. 

If you hadn’t guessed already, we were away on a spa day for a double birthday celebration. Two 30ths.

My highlight of today was almost certainly Jenny guessing who the person was stuck to her forehead. Yelping “I know who I am! I’m Sooty!” When she was in fact Fester Adams was a showstopper but I guess you had to be there 😉

Project 35 | Day 186

Decluttering is well underway in the house of Steph. Anything that hasn’t been worn, used or looked at in the last year is going! Yep! You heard me right. Terrifying but satisfying 😊.

That doesn’t mean I can go out and buy lots of new stuff. The rule is nothing new unless it’s needed so I’m only replacing things I’ve worn to death. I even returned a pair of shoes because I knew I was unlikely to wear them this summer now the rain has set in.

As for the fun stuff, I Skyped with the Powers and met the very cute baby Bryn. I cooked myself sea bass with baby kale and pumpkin filled pasta. And I got the confirmation I needed that being bold sometimes isn’t a bad thing – It’s just a scene setter and a game changer. 

Project 35 | Day 185

Cassie, aged 3, took Emma and I out for sprit training, weight lifting and strength training around Ruislip Lido with little brother Daniel, aged 1 looking on and joining in on the in land surfing and sprints on the beach. 😊

I also learned that Hide and Seek is seriously underrated. Play more of it as often as you can!

Later once the kids were in bed we watched a cheesy movie – Pitch Perfect and are Mojito Ice lollies – because we can 😎.

Project 35 | Day 184

Definitely had that positive Friday feeling yesterday 😊 in spite of the rain. Coconut bubble tea is a great way to brighten things up too.

The team went out after work to celebrate new joiners Sophie and Meg to the Three Johns. Home of craft beers in Angel. I was on the Wild Beer 🍺.

So much fun getting to know the team better and confirming, thanks to Dom’s knowledge, that Buzz Aldrin did indeed land on the moon but perhaps that footage wasn’t for real. Not to mention the many insights that were gleaned from two truths and one lie 😉. That’s all I have to say about that. 

Cheers to the weekend!