Project 35 | Day 363

I’ve been in a bit of a bubble lately. βšͺ️

My mind wanders a lot and I’m constantly distracted by ‘What if?’ and ‘What next?’ moments. And for all those ‘Whats’ I then ask myself ‘Why?’. Dizzy yet? Yeah, me too. πŸ€”

Perhaps it’s because I have lot to think about? Perhaps it’s because I have more time to myself? Perhaps it’s because I took time out of the merry-go-round of the city for a short while and I can now see my life for what it is? 🎠

Things aren’t bad, or sad or wrong. I just feel sometimes as though I’m on a journey to a destination unknown and I need to make plans to understand where I’m headed. I just don’t where that might be just yet. πŸ›€

I’m talking nonsense, I know. But I’m trying to make sense of this strange wave of uncertainty that is my normality. 🌸

Bloody AquariansπŸ˜‚ 

We’re all nutters! πŸ™†πŸΌ

How do you put up with us?? 😘


Project 35 | Day 334

Is it possible to be jet lagged after a week of being home from your holidays? I’d like to confirm that yes, it is! 

3am staring at the ceiling scenarios are normal for me at the moment. In Belize time is around 9pm so it makes sense. I’d quite like to reset now though please πŸ™πŸ».

My Monday morning started like a small tired plane trying to take off but once I left the Tarmac things got a lot better. A productive day at the office, a good client meeting, some long distance banter and a terrifying amount of Whatsapps with the girls – how do we have some much to talk about??? 

In spite of my jet lag complaints I’m still planning my next trip already with Japan, Peru and Alaska top of the list for the majors and San Fran, Switzerland and Iceland hitting the minors. The list goes on and on and on… Let’s see where 2016 takes me.

Project 35 | Day 329

For a girl that normally takes more than two thousand photos on a holiday I was pretty impressed to discover that between an iPhone and a DSLR, I’d taken less than 400! 

Why so few? (Okay I know it’s still a lot but ya know πŸ˜‰) Because I focused on seeing Belize and Guatemala with my eyes and not my camera. No one can take away the memories that matter in your mind. Photos however, often get saved and forgotten. Worse still they can be lost. 

Anyway. Enough of the deep stuff. They are now sorted, cropped and approved, and I’ve now posted a bunch of them on Facebook. I’m also ready to pick the best for my blog posts over on in due course and share a few shoefies on my new Instagram account, shoefiesbysteph. πŸ˜‰

Going through them all reminded me just how much we’d done in just two short weeks. Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking others with me.

There’s a whole world out there guys. Don’t sit on your laurels. Get out there and enjoy it in real life, not just via the Internet! Peace out X 

Project 35 | 327

Dark meanings, drizzle and a huge queue of traffic can only mean one thing. I’m back in London and my Central American adventure is complete. 

I traveled through Guatemala and Belize embracing the bizarre with some incredible people, through the good times, the dramas and the comfort zone breaking moments. The whole experience has been an opportunity for me to reflect, grow and think about the future and where my next adventures – not just holidays – might be. 

Coming back to reality can be a bit of a challenge but I’m grateful not to have to cover myself in bug spray before leaving the house and for having an electric toothbrush again, and I’m excited to see the Battenhall team! Ive even embraced Christmas a little bit too 😱!

So, let’s do this London! Bring it on!

Project 35 | Day 303

Have you missed me? It’s been three weeks since I last shared an update and there a few very good reasons for that. 

Practicalities, changes to my behaviour day to day, and penny drop moments are at the core of my lack of posts and here’s why.

Life happened

I used to write my blog posts on the tube on my commute to work. I had time to reflect, I could get a seat and I had twenty minutes to think quickly and push publish. Now I walk for twenty minutes and stand for forty each day to get in to work. 

It sounds silly but trying to find the perfect time to blog about yourself day to day is tough. At end of the day you’re tired and the rest of day, well it’s just a bit mental! I found myself batching up posts on the weekend and spamming my friends and family on social misfit with updates. Not cool. 

I take fewer photos

I can confirm that it is possible to refrain from the need to take a photo of anything you may have shot before one hundred times and simply admire it and walk by. I do this daily now and it spares my audience on social media and saves my iPhone and MacBook loads of memory! But this means I don’t always have a photo to share from my day on this blog. 

My priorities changed

I believe we should use our time to do the things we love as much as we possibly can. We get one shot at life and it’s up to us to make sure that’s all we need by doing it well. 

I questioned whether I was blogging out of obligation to myself or because I was actually enjoying it. The truth is it was the former. I was starting to resent having to think about the parts of my day that I needed to share and that others might find interesting. 

That was a clear sign for me.

I want more face time

Sharing my life used to be useful. Too busy to find the time to spend with friends and family in ‘real life’ should not be an excuse for anyone. For me it was. This became apparent at a friends wedding party two months ago. 

I went along by myself and knew only the bride and groom so I had to network and make friends. I put my phone in my bag and proceeded to work the room, introduce myself and get to know people by asking questions and not just looking at their Twitter profile or Instagram photos to get a sense of who they might be. I spent time talking at length to new friends and faces and it felt great. 

Now, I’m not saying I’ve not done this before. I have and I do. But for some reason this time not only did I network, I kept my phone in my bag or on the table all night, reaching it for it only to take photos of the first dance and the wedding cake! Why? Because I was having more fun without it and white honestly, I forgot it was there!!! 

This was only reinforced further when I had friends come to visit me in my new home. It’s amazing how one tiny (but huge) change in your life can bring you closer to the people you know and love again but showing them your world beyond the walls of social media. 

So am I going to give up on Project 35? 

Am I about to follow suit of the top social media influencers and pretend to give it all up? The answer is, no! 

I’ll add posts on the days that I feel I do have a story to tell and that I want to share with the world. And I’ll keep using social media but with a slightly different approach. All in all its about quality over quantity. 

And as for face time, friends and family can expect to see a lot more of me. The real me the one that hides in the shadows of social and blogs. 

Being 35 has most definitely been a transitional year so far for me and there are still sixty two days to go! 

You can go do something else now πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading! 

Project 35 | Day 265Β 

Every now and then there is a day that starts early and crazy and end crazy and late. Tuesday was one of those days. 

An 8am call with Austrailia, 9am mail merge lesson, 10am meeting in town, back to the office by 12pm, meetings, work, lunch, meeting in East London, new business proposal to write, home by 10pm, urgent client email, dinner, bed. 

In other news, Tom wore my outfit today to work. Just saying! πŸ˜‰

Oh and 100 days to go!

Project 35 | Day 254

After 26 days of crazy I’m now back to daily blogging! 

September has been a whirlwind of house moves, social media week, work and even a wedding party! 

Adjusting to living in a new area and getting to grips with a new commute hasn’t been as easy as I expected but I’m getting there 😊

I’m also adjusting to the idea that it’s okay to miss a blog post or two here and there if I need to. I’ve got a big trip to Central America coming up in November and I know I won’t be online during that trip. I’ll be on a canoe for three days!! The hardest part is keeping track of the number of days I’m on.

So what happened on this day? Well, we said so long to Anton who moves to LA very soon, we took a trip to the edge of London for a new biz pitch and then I got to spend the evening putting the world to rights with the lovely Gemma over a glass of Malbec or two. 

And now…the weekend! πŸ˜€