Project 35 | Day 337

I’m gymmin’ it, gymmin’ it, gymmin’ it! Gymmin’ it like that! 😉

I’ve been strength training with Chloe not once but twice this week as get into my crazy marathon training schedule. Running will start again on Sunday and then it’s a gym, yoga, run mix every week until April! 

Here are my promises to you during my training: 

  • I will fill your social media feeds with my running activities on social media at least twice a week
  • I will talk to you about my training progress at least once every time I see you
  • I will buy new fitness clothes and accessories because I ‘need’ them
  • I will complain if I get sick or injured
  • I will be highly excitable if I get any new personal bests 
  • I will eat a ridiculous amount of food
  • I will get annoyed with tourists and traffic lights on a regular basis
  • I will be running on endorphins

With all that it mind I sincerely apologise in advance 😉

May the force be with you!



Project 35 | Day 270

Cool crisp weather is exactly what I needed for my little Sunday sprint session. The roads were clear of people which meant no excuses and then just as I decided to sprint a pedestrian appeared ahead. Instead of seemingly chasing after her I waited until she turned the corner and then powered down the street. #runnersproblems

A quick trip into town later and I came home with walking shoes for Belize and new gait tested runners from Nike. I’m not taking any chances with my feet or ankles in the coming months. 

Game on! 

Project 35 | Day 268 

Something in me was ready to take on the world this morning. Hair down was not an option. 

I powered through the morning stopping only to make one call and got stuck on hold. This was progress. I’d been calling this number for days and not even getting a connection so I plugged in my headphones and waited for a voice. 

Suddenly I was through. “Can you tell me if I got a place in the London Marathon please?” I asked. A few details and name check later the lady at the end of the line responded, somewhat surprised “Oh, you got in!”! I nearly fell off my chair! 

My confirmation mail had gone o my old address so I had to wait until everyone had been told before I could call. More 250,000 entries and I bloody got a place 😀😱💃🏼

That was it. My day was made. The rest was a blur. 

I will run London 2016!

Project 35 | Day 104

Spring cleaning! I have a love hate relationship with it. I love finding little treasures that make me smile. I hate the reality of all the things I should have thrown away long ago. 

The treasures I dug out this May Bank Holiday included a farewell picture drawn by Simon Veaney and signed by my team at Taylor & Francis some eleven years ago, a folder marked ‘Posters’ that has a collection of Take That relics from the 90s and a list of goals I wrote for myself in 2004 that included running the London marathon. 

Speaking of which, I did enter the ballot again this year in what looks likely to be the toughest ballot yet with a hell of a lot more entries than ever before. I’ll have to wait until October to find out the news either way. 

Project 35 | Day 96

One of my favourite Sundays of the year is London marathon day. Yes, the streets are heaving and tubes are slow but the energy of the supporters and the effort of the runners is quite extrordinary. 

I had the good fortune to be sharing the day with my dad, cheering on Geoff, George, Nicky, Marc, Dan, Carol and loads more runners. We even had a few celeb spots from the side lines including Chris Evans, Paula Radcliffe, and Iwan Thomas. 

After Paris I did say (not very convincingly) that I wouldn’t run another one but after today I think I might give the London ballot one more shot 😉.

Great to spend some time with my dad and hopefully he’ll be fit and running again in two weeks time for the Ealing 10k!