Project 35 | 327

Dark meanings, drizzle and a huge queue of traffic can only mean one thing. I’m back in London and my Central American adventure is complete. 

I traveled through Guatemala and Belize embracing the bizarre with some incredible people, through the good times, the dramas and the comfort zone breaking moments. The whole experience has been an opportunity for me to reflect, grow and think about the future and where my next adventures – not just holidays – might be. 

Coming back to reality can be a bit of a challenge but I’m grateful not to have to cover myself in bug spray before leaving the house and for having an electric toothbrush again, and I’m excited to see the Battenhall team! Ive even embraced Christmas a little bit too 😱!

So, let’s do this London! Bring it on!


Project 35 | Day 265 

Every now and then there is a day that starts early and crazy and end crazy and late. Tuesday was one of those days. 

An 8am call with Austrailia, 9am mail merge lesson, 10am meeting in town, back to the office by 12pm, meetings, work, lunch, meeting in East London, new business proposal to write, home by 10pm, urgent client email, dinner, bed. 

In other news, Tom wore my outfit today to work. Just saying! 😉

Oh and 100 days to go!

Project 35 | Day 264

When your day runs away with you and you need that moment to clear your mind, wash away the crazy and just be for a moment and then it rains! That is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Not too much. 

Not too little. 

It needs to rain just right. 

An umbrella feels out of place. 

Your hair starts to curl. 

The rain runs down your face. 

And then you feel yourself smile. 

I bloody love the rain. 


Project 35 | Day 261

Why is it that on the really important days when timing matters, that the Jubilee line goes down? Thank goodness for Citymapper and persistent hacking the app to get the quickest route to Paddington from home. 

Tom, Aaron and I went on a little adventure out of town for the morning before heading back to the office to get lunch. Amazing Thai green curry by the way in EAT. I’m going back! 

Friday night was a fun one. I went bin shopping. Yep, you read right. I bought a bin. Lol 

Project 35 | Day 254

After 26 days of crazy I’m now back to daily blogging! 

September has been a whirlwind of house moves, social media week, work and even a wedding party! 

Adjusting to living in a new area and getting to grips with a new commute hasn’t been as easy as I expected but I’m getting there 😊

I’m also adjusting to the idea that it’s okay to miss a blog post or two here and there if I need to. I’ve got a big trip to Central America coming up in November and I know I won’t be online during that trip. I’ll be on a canoe for three days!! The hardest part is keeping track of the number of days I’m on.

So what happened on this day? Well, we said so long to Anton who moves to LA very soon, we took a trip to the edge of London for a new biz pitch and then I got to spend the evening putting the world to rights with the lovely Gemma over a glass of Malbec or two. 

And now…the weekend! 😀

Project 35 | Day 227

Finally, after about 18 months, Olivia and Tom made it to London 😍. It’s hard to believe my niece and nephew are now 18 and 16 but they are the best! 

We spent the afternoon eating burgers and strolling the streets of Shoreditch to check out the Street Art. Then in the evening we went to see Wicked at the theatre. 

What I love the most is that they are both at an age where they can appreciate the city I live in. The UK capital no less. 

Even better, they now understand that wearing yellow trousers in the Shoreditch is not uncommon 😉

Project 35 | Day 226

Tiredness kicked in today in true style but an Ozone coffee to start the morning definitely helped. 

We grabbed some lunch down at the awesome little pasty place I can’t remember the name of, on the corner of Great Eastern Street which powered me through the rest of the day too.

While the weather is still good, I took the opportunity to do an evening stroll from old street to embankment snapping pics along the way as the sun came down. That made me smile 😊

The home to prep for the arrival of Liv and Tom!