Project 35 | Day 342

As 2015 comes to a close and everyone makes promises on social media to do amazing things next year, let us not forget our achievements and discoveries in the last twelve months. 

Of the many things I’ve learned this year during Project 35, some are just for me to know 😉 but these are the top ten things I want to share with you all today: 

  1. I don’t need to share every moment of my life on the Internet 😱
  2. Traveling brings out the best in me 🌴
  3. I run faster in the Winter and Spring ❄️
  4. Dancing makes me happy 💃🏼
  5. A minion is one of many little yellow creatures that live to serve an evil master and likes bananas 🍌
  6. I like to lift 🏋🏻
  7. Daring to do things that scare me does make me stronger 💪🏻
  8. I love Denmark 🇩🇰
  9. I’m going to run London Marathon 😀 
  10. There is an emoji for almost everything 🦄

What did you learn about yourself in 2015? 

As for next year… 

It’s just tomorrow. Another day. Another opportunity to do something awesome. 

The only resolution you need is to make is one to create opportunities for yourself if you really want to something happen. 

Don’t wait 😊