Project 35 | Day 329

For a girl that normally takes more than two thousand photos on a holiday I was pretty impressed to discover that between an iPhone and a DSLR, I’d taken less than 400! 

Why so few? (Okay I know it’s still a lot but ya know 😉) Because I focused on seeing Belize and Guatemala with my eyes and not my camera. No one can take away the memories that matter in your mind. Photos however, often get saved and forgotten. Worse still they can be lost. 

Anyway. Enough of the deep stuff. They are now sorted, cropped and approved, and I’ve now posted a bunch of them on Facebook. I’m also ready to pick the best for my blog posts over on in due course and share a few shoefies on my new Instagram account, shoefiesbysteph. 😉

Going through them all reminded me just how much we’d done in just two short weeks. Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking others with me.

There’s a whole world out there guys. Don’t sit on your laurels. Get out there and enjoy it in real life, not just via the Internet! Peace out X 


Project 35 | Day 222

Remember to print your photos as well as keep them digitally folks! I had a panic for an hour that I couldn’t retrieve photos I knew I’d saved to an external hard drive – turns out they were hidden in a folder within a folder and I only found them by chance in the end. 

The main reason for using my external hard drive is because my laptop was full. An ongoing challenge I face from taking too many photos and videos. I made my biggest montage video yet this BattenVEDA for the carnival of course. 

Later that afternoon I went out to get some food and came home with a colouring book for grown ups and some felt tip pens! Love it! 🙌🏻

My evening was therefore a mixture of decluttering and discovery random things. I’m taking strange taking French toys and Ricky Martin posters! And of course colouring in s giant pineapple!