Project 35 | Day 337

I’m gymmin’ it, gymmin’ it, gymmin’ it! Gymmin’ it like that! 😉

I’ve been strength training with Chloe not once but twice this week as get into my crazy marathon training schedule. Running will start again on Sunday and then it’s a gym, yoga, run mix every week until April! 

Here are my promises to you during my training: 

  • I will fill your social media feeds with my running activities on social media at least twice a week
  • I will talk to you about my training progress at least once every time I see you
  • I will buy new fitness clothes and accessories because I ‘need’ them
  • I will complain if I get sick or injured
  • I will be highly excitable if I get any new personal bests 
  • I will eat a ridiculous amount of food
  • I will get annoyed with tourists and traffic lights on a regular basis
  • I will be running on endorphins

With all that it mind I sincerely apologise in advance 😉

May the force be with you!



Project 35 | Day 49

Cucumber seltzer really isn’t my thing, so I discover upon trying Prêt’s new offering. I love juices with cucumber but just not seltzers. Tasted a bit like water that had gone off, if that’s even possible. 

In spite feeling super sleepy by the end of the day I did put on my running gear and head out for a 6km from Angel to Paddington. I felt much stronger than the weekend and probably could’ve run a but further but to stay strong and focused later this week I decide to quit while I was feeling good. Sounds silly I know but trust me it works!

Oh and how could I possible forget to mention the return of Zoolander as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the catwalk for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week! To make it even more awesome famous Viner, Jerome Jarre, took this brilliant clip with Stiller! 

Image: Vogue

Project 35 | Day 47

Sunday, run day, that’s what they say. I tried. I really did but after 4km my body was having none of it. So instead of giving in I pledged to myself that I would walk the remaining 17.1km to make sure I covered the half marathon distance I’d set out to do. 

I set out from Ealing and head towards one of my favourite parks in the city. Richmond Deer Park. As I wandered round I saw the tracks of hooves and started to feel that sort of adrenalin kick you get as a kid when you think Santa or the Easter bunny is close by. I turned the corner and… nothing. My heart sank a little and I thought, oh well at least I got my miles in. And then, as if by magic they appeared! 

At a guess I’d like to think there were perhaps one hundred deer accompanied by a single Stag resting in the long grass as if they had been waiting for me. They are such beautiful creatures. I stopped to watch them for a while and then set off home. 

25km later I made it home. Further than planned even if I did walk the route. 

A day spent with deer in a park is never wasted.

Project 35 | Day 19

Blueberries and banana in the Nutribullet followed by a bramble apple hot cross bun on the side. That was my pre-run breakfast. Yum.

The weather was perfect for a long run yesterday. 6 degrees with the sun shining and just a tiny breeze. Looks like Spring is just around the corner 😊.

I ran a leisurely 13km / 8 miles in just over an hour and a half and managed to somehow run continuously, without traffic light stops even. It felt good but not great. I’m sure my form will come back in due course. Finished with a few yoga stretches and my swan pose is getting better and better which is great. Only 61 days until Paris now people 😁.

The afternoon was spent watching back to back chick flicks and eating continuously. Good and bad treats and meals. Well, I earned them right?

Hasta mañana chicos!

Project 35 | Day 13

A positive start to the week. A good day in the office followed by a good run home (well to Shepherds Bush from Angel at least – 10km).

For some reason my body seems to like running at the end of the day, in the dark and through the city. Perhaps because there are so many mental distractions and goings on that my mind lets go and I just get on with it!

I took a slightly different route to normal still heading towards Paddington, then down to Hyde Park but instead of cutting through the road alongside Kate and Wills luxury pad – aka Kensington Palace – I went straight through Notting Hill and beyond. It’s nice to change things up now and then. Plus, it was perfectly set for 10km and then to jump on the central line home. #winning

That my lovelies was my Monday. How was yours?