Project 35 | Day 334

Is it possible to be jet lagged after a week of being home from your holidays? I’d like to confirm that yes, it is! 

3am staring at the ceiling scenarios are normal for me at the moment. In Belize time is around 9pm so it makes sense. I’d quite like to reset now though please 🙏🏻.

My Monday morning started like a small tired plane trying to take off but once I left the Tarmac things got a lot better. A productive day at the office, a good client meeting, some long distance banter and a terrifying amount of Whatsapps with the girls – how do we have some much to talk about??? 

In spite of my jet lag complaints I’m still planning my next trip already with Japan, Peru and Alaska top of the list for the majors and San Fran, Switzerland and Iceland hitting the minors. The list goes on and on and on… Let’s see where 2016 takes me.


Project 35 | 327

Dark meanings, drizzle and a huge queue of traffic can only mean one thing. I’m back in London and my Central American adventure is complete. 

I traveled through Guatemala and Belize embracing the bizarre with some incredible people, through the good times, the dramas and the comfort zone breaking moments. The whole experience has been an opportunity for me to reflect, grow and think about the future and where my next adventures – not just holidays – might be. 

Coming back to reality can be a bit of a challenge but I’m grateful not to have to cover myself in bug spray before leaving the house and for having an electric toothbrush again, and I’m excited to see the Battenhall team! Ive even embraced Christmas a little bit too 😱!

So, let’s do this London! Bring it on!

Project 35 | Day 275 

Last day in Dam and you guessed it, it rained. But we kicked things off with a spontaneous stop for a Chinese massage. I have the bruises to prove it. Don’t get me wrong, both Nats and I came out better for it but seriously, my back is in knots. More yoga needed soon me thinks.

So what to do next? Go to the Body Worlds exhibit of course. Discovering the inner workings of our bodies and how each aspect affects our happiness. It’s science on a biology and behavioural level all mixed up into one. Well worth a visit if only for a go on the swing. Very inspiring. 

A final stroll around the central, the red light district and then back through the canals to the hotel and we were ready to head home.

Delayed only by an hour on the flight home, Nats and I got back 10mins apart. Please keep in mind she lives 80 miles away. I live just 27 miles away. Gotta love London! 

Project 35 | Day 273

Attention to detail is an essential quality to great work and easy travel. I took one bus, two tubes, one train, one shuttle, a plane, a train and a tram and yet I arrived in Amsterdam at the Downtown hotel only to realise our hotel was the GRAND Downtown hotel. My sister found this most amusing! And rightly so. 

Today was all about getting to know the Dam. Set in the museum quarter we were at the more peaceful end of town but the heart of the city was just minutes away. 

It rained a lot! But we did some strolling in the drizzle and walked our way around the shops and canals to the point of exhaustion. 

It was a busy day in Dam. 

Project 35 | Day 205

White Cross market for a Pad Thai lunch and then the BattenBar open at the end of the day. Food and drink were the highlights of the day! 

The last few times I’d visited the Thai place it had been out of Pad Thai so I was a happy bunny. White cross is great for street art too and my favourite piece this trip was this pink cat 🐱.

As for the bar, beer, soft drinks and skittles were laid out to enjoy the last few hours of the week. Then when the clock struck 5:30 I made a dash for Waterloo to catch the train out of the city. A weekend with the girls was on the cards! 

Project 35 | Day 200

Can I blame the heat for my lack of energy??? Another wasted day as I slept most of it again. I made up for it in the evening however, with a fun movie trailer Vlog and a trip booked for me and my sister. 

With a helping hand from iMovie after an app and software update, I made a movie trailer for Holi One using my footage from the festival. I’m pretty proud of it even if I was helped out by an iMovie movie trailer template 😀. 

In the process of updating I’ve been told by iPhoto that I cannot access my pictures until I have 18GB free! That’s going to be fun working that out! 😝

I’ve also started planning my move; the bills, the boxes, the name changes. It’s all becoming very real now. One month to go! 

As for half marathon training? Gah! Awful. Must try harder! 

On a positive note, look at my pretty shoefie! 

Project 35 | Day 181

My sister would be so proud of me right now and my organising and planning skills or as Esther might say  I’m showing my blue colours 😊 with a touch of yellow as always 😉!

Spreadsheets, handbooks, contracts, you name it I’m all over it in my personal and professional life for the three Bs: Battenhall, Battenveda and booking my holiday!

It was great connecting with new Vloggers on Twitter yesterday and I forgot just how you can lose track of time when you get chatting with new people! Only a week or so to go! 🎉

Photo doesn’t match the topics today but I took it in Regent’s Park on my run the other day and it was pretty 😁