Project 36 | Month 1Β 

Did you think I’d given up on my blog? Yeah? So did I!

They say start things as you mean to go on and if 22nd Janaury was anything to go by, I’ll mostly be enjoying great nights out with the best of friends, scoring Bullseyes and losing things…  


… So far this year, I’ve lost (and sometimes found again) a pair of shoes, a set of keys, two Oyster cards, one debit card and a phone charger cable. 

Something I didn’t plan to lose but I’m glad I did however, was that 10km race time of 1h 1min. At the London Winter 10km I managed to take 5 minutes off my personal best which now stands at an unbelievable 56 minutes! It was 6 degrees and raining the whole time too.

Since then my running has really slowed again. Although I’ve managed to stick to my weight training and squeeze in a few yoga sessions, finding time to run and not lose energy has been an issue. So please, if you see me, feed me or offer me your shoulder to take a nap. If there is one person I can rely on to make sure I eat well it’s Sam! Where there’s a brunch Sam will make sure it’s tried and tested πŸ˜‰. This was her French toast at Chrisptopher’s.
Next up, work. Man did those big clients come knocking in Jan! Lots of new business pitching and big projects kicking off at the start of this year has meant things have been a bit crazy chez Battenhall. Good crazy. Really really good crazy. But I’m not gonna lie. It has worn me out a little. Month two is going to have to be a little more focused to get the life work balance back on track. 

  Last but not least, let’s talk about travel. Thamy and I headed off to Germany for a Wiesbaden weekender with Pat and Astrid, who we met in Belize. We drank absinthe, made snow angels in the garden, ate chimney bread, played cards against humanity and so much more in just two days. 

Travel really feeds my soul. This year I’ve already got a full line up of trips with Japan and Alaska coming up next. I might even have a few tasty work trips ahead too. Whatever happens, I am not going to be losing my passport anytime soon!!! 


Project 35 | Day 259Β 

A day of meetings and interviews, preparations for the Bounce Shoreditch launch and some TV time before bed. 

We got a first look at the new venue and it was incredible. Impressive graffiti walls, stylish bar and restaurant and of course the awesome UV paint. On top of all that there are ping pong tables too πŸ˜‰! 

Days like these zip by so fast it’s quite nice to take a moment to sit in front of the telly for a while, even if I’m not really watching it. Do you know what I mean? 

Project 35 | Day 224

It was a mega early start for me with a big client launch, which I’m pleased to say went really well. All credit to my awesome Battenhall team for ensuring we did the job well in a very short space of time 😊

Coffee was a critical factor throughout and did a fantastic job of keeping me on form. Thank you Ozone coffee. You have excellent beans and awesome flat whites 🌟

A few meetings later we stopped to do the honours of celebrating Charlie’s amazing contribution to the team this year as he heads off to university later this month. We kept him for much longer than a week’s work experience – a year and a month longer! But he’s been ace and we know he’s going to have a fab time at Uni (and then come back to work for us in the holidaysπŸ‘ŒπŸ»)

Once home, a quick shout to find some actors before bedtime and then as you would expect with a mega early start, I feel asleep. Not! Okay I did eventually but my head was buzzing from another crazy but awesome day. 

Project 35 | Day 223

Today started with a Skype to Austrailia, had conversations with most of Europe in the day and end with Google chats with the USA. Why? Cos that’s how I roll πŸ˜‰

Weirdly, the day seemed to disappear in a flash but from experience that’s usually because I’m busy and I’m happy. 

Finally posted my last BattenVEDA vlog for August, albeit a day late. It’s been a good month with an awesome community as always but I do need to spend more time with them next season. I felt like a teenage mom letting everyone get on with things themselves but checking in now and then.

Now it’s September I must get my run training in if I’m going to survive a half and a ten miler. 

Project 35 | Day 216

Crazy start to the day with tube lines, although not on strike, still seemingly disorganised. St. Paul’s was a nightmare at the top of the escalator as commuters had no room to get off at the even though it was still moving. The TFL team eventually just opened the gates for us to walk straight through but I’m not gonna lie, it was a little scary for a moment. 

Work is busy. Lots on. But it’s a all going well. Can’t believe it’s Charlie Sharpe’s last full week with us but I’m glad we get to work on our favourite project together again before he heads off. 

A meeting in Chancery Lane next, where Janey and I make spillage art with our water – as shown in the beautiful photo for today. Janet’s is top, mine is bottom. 

Finally, home for a few email exchanges with the U.S., a BattenVEDA vlog cans some house move planning. Then bed! 😜

Over and out! πŸ‘§πŸΌ

Project 35 | Day 187

I finally got myself to the osteopath! So many theories on my ankle and back from different people but I now have some answers from a professional. 

Main things being my shoulders are too tight due to my breathing – thanks asthma; my ankle is hyper mobile and likes to move around freely when I run getting a bit worn out along the way. 

My back was like a bowl of rice crispies with all the popping! But now it’s feeling much better already 😊.

Work wise it’s just 4 more days until we move office. Exciting to have our own space and crazy fun times ahead in sure with the actual move. 

And then there is the vlogathon that is BattenVEDA coming up in 5 days! 😱Perfectly  timerd with my sister’s 30th.

Today’s picture was taken at King’s Cross in a showroom behind the station. The lights are inside the building but the reflection made the outside go in! 

Project 35 | Day 183

Face time with people seemed to be my ‘thing of the day’ for Thursday. Lots of chats, plans and progress all round. Speaking of face time, VidCon kicked off state side too. The holy land of vlogging inhabited once a year with YouTubers and their disciples 😎. 

I got chatting on Twitter to a face new and old faces who are there and it seems like a lot of fun. That said I think my non millenial status might see me as a bit of mum figure out there right now πŸ˜‚.

In funny news, I found the best video clip via Fordey on Facebook with Irish Pingu. If you don’t snort and cry we don’t have the same humour at all! 

Drew got a Twitter triggered light for our new office which rocks! More on that soon! James Whatley from O&M launched a fab Twitter campaign for Converse which I had great fun playing with last night. And I may have requested a go on a virtual reality skydive machine following an offer to Bruce Daisley, head of Twitter UK, that I jumped on. Unlikely to happen but if you don’t ask… πŸ˜‰

A very social day on all counts 😊!

Oh and these little show beauties are from Startas and Co. Go check out their page and I’ll pop a review on Steph’s Bubble soon!